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Hi!  I am Grandpa.  I am a native Texan, raised in the North Texas area and I am currently retired.

I am particularly concerned for the young people today because the future for them holds more challenges than any other generation before them.  That being the case, I believe they need every advantage they can have as they try to meet those challenges.  Hopefully, Grandpa’s Diary can contribute toward their preparation to meet those challenges. 

In my life and career, just like many of you, I have performed in a variety of different roles, such as: hourly worker, student, boy scout, athlete, military cadet, sky-diver, sports official, coach, Sunday school teacher, volunteer, writer, proof-reader, counselor, advisor, trainer, soldier, policeman, business partner, business owner, business consultant, supervisor, manager, administrator, association founder.  And let’s not forget: son, grandson, husband, father, brother, nephew, uncle and grandpa.  In these roles I have always been intrigued by life issues, relationships and human behavior patterns and have made a lifelong study and analysis of the dynamics involved with them.  Through these studies and analysis I believe I have learned a great deal, and that’s not to say that I know any more about any subject than anyone else, but I have certainly perceived it through a different set of mental filters and from a very divergent point of view.  In an effort to promote truth and understanding I have dedicatedly analyzed and philosophized about my knowledge and understanding of life.  I am not a closet psychologist or sociologist – nor do I care to be, but I have certainly gained the practical knowledge and understandings that I believe even some trained professionals may not have.  All of that gets wasted when one day I am gone and all that information that is locked securely away in my brain goes with me, therefore I want to share it with whoever will listen.

I strongly believe that we all should always strive to be the best we can be.  My main hope with this blog is that people will read what I have written and try to relate it to and apply it to their own lives.  I feel that if just one point I have made or blog I have written has meaning to one person, and as a result they either apply it or attempt to change what needs changing about their life, then I will have done something very meaningful and worthwhile.

The main target population of readers for Grandpa’s Diary is teenage to young adult years, but anyone may benefit from discovering a different point-of-view.  Read the posting entitled “Becoming- Why Grandpa’s Diary” and you will discover the primary reason I chose to write this blog and to whom it is dedicated.

In response to a request from several of my readers I am detailing the formalized training and education I have received over my lifetime that I believe is applicable to my qualifications for writing a blog about Life.  However, the greatest portion of the most important training I have received comes from living life.  Life teaches us a great deal if we wish to learn it – think about it:

Bachelors Degree –with a Major in History and a Minor in English, Univ. of Texas

Master of Science Degree – Educational Communications and Technology, Texas A&M Univ.

Doctorate studies – 13 hours toward a PhD in Human Behavior (degree not completed)

Applicable U.S. Army Training 

Subjects:  Psychological combat orientation, Manpower readiness, Troop Behavior patterns

Subjects certified to instruct as a Police Instructor:

Crisis Intervention

Field Training Techniques

Field Interrogation Techniques

Subjects certified to instruct as an Organizational Training Manager:

The Richer Life Course

Investment in Excellence

Employee Wellness

Designing Job Descriptions

Employee Retirement Planning


Management & Supervision


Customer Relations

Stress Management

Decision Making

Supervisory/Subordinate Relationships

Problem Solving

Quality Circles

Developing Vision for the Future


Positive Discipline


Liability Management

Organization and Time Management

The Self-fulfilling Prophesy

Manpower Utilization

Performance Appraisal

Career Counseling

Productivity Improvement

Have designed and conducted over 2,000 hours of classroom training

Have performed over 900 hours of individual and/or career counseling

If you are so inclined, please take the time to comment on any of my postings.  As part of those comments if you have a question to ask, please do so in the comment section below or email me at grandpa@grandpas-diary.com.  If you have recommendations for blog topics you would like me to comment about, just email the topic to me at grandpa@grandpas-diary.com.  Remember, as the old saying goes – the only dumb question is the one that never got asked.  I will do my best to respond to you in a timely manner and who knows – maybe your comments and/or questions will lead to my response through a future posting dedicated to that subject.

Have a Good Life and enjoy the blog!


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  1. You forgot to say your a good guy!

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